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NewsYear: 2023

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The conference scheduled for Novara on October 5th offers the opportunity to compare the points of view of researchers and the various stakeholders in the health ecosystem, including citizens and patients, on the secondary use of data and biological samples , in compliance with the ethical-regulatory system.

"If this is health: the inhumanity of war" is the title of this year's event organized as part of the to-B project, created to keep alive the memory of Barbara Pacelli, statistician of the Health Agency and social system of the Emilia-Romagna Region, which died prematurely in 2019.

The Elena Moroni Fund for Oncology announces the opening of the competition for the 2023 Enrico Anglesio Award and the Elvo Tempia and Sharon Whelan Satellite Awards.

The sixth Mobilitaria Report 2023 was presented and was drawn up by the Kyoto Club together with the CNR - Institute on Atmospheric Pollution. The document is available online,

Registration is open for the courses of the specialist week, the detailed programs of which can be consulted online on the European Educational Program in Epidemiology website.