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NewsYear: 2020

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The CPO Piemonte, through the SSD Clinical and Evaluative Epidemiology, participates in the monitoring of patients underway in the AOU City of Health and Science of Turin.

A glossary on the most common terms in the period of the health emergency from COVID-19 created by the Epidemiological Observatory of the ASL of Vercelli is available online.

The YouTube channel of the CPO Piemonte, ready to contribute to the public debate in the epidemiological field, has been activated with the Easter greetings of Benedetto Terracini.

The health emergency caused by the new coronavirus requires each of us to adopt precise rules of conduct, but it is equally necessary to stay updated through reliable information sources.

The application, the enrollment and training of the international ERAS protocol in the perioperative management of patients who are candidates for major colorectal and gynecological elective surgery are going on in Piedmont.