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The Andromeda study has started in Piedmont: through the personal stories of the women it will be possible to better define the risk levels and plan routes prevention for breast cancer better suited to the profile of participants in the screening Prevenzione Serena (...)

The document "Immigrants and document screening in Italy", which aims to investigate the causes of variability intra and inter-regional participation in the screening programs and to develop organizational and communication patterns to improve equity in access to particular services subgroups of population, is available online (...)

More than ten years after its launch, the NINFEA project enters into an innovative step that will enable the participants and interested citizens to freely consult part of the data collected over time by filling in the questionnaires (...)

The multicenter study "Active surveillance or radical treatment at diagnosis for prostate tumors at low risk (START)", sponsored by the Cancer Network of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta in collaboration with the CPO Piemonte, has started patient enrollment (...)

The new NINFEA project website is online. The redesign, structural, graphic and textual, has became necessary after more than ten years after the start of recruitment and coincides with the launch of the questionnaire of the 10 years of the child (...)