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Now in its sixth annual edition, the report published by the Italian Association of Medical Oncology and the Italian Cancer Registries provides epidemiological measures and clinical interpretations of interest both for operators and for users of Health (...)

92% of the world population lives in areas where air quality levels exceed the threshold values established WHO. The new data are a further, detailed source of information on environmental pollution and the resultant danger to public health (...)

The document "Immigrants and document screening in Italy", which aims to investigate the causes of variability intra and inter-regional participation in the screening programs and to develop organizational and communication patterns to improve equity in access to particular services subgroups of population, is available online (...)

The 5th Report of National Mesothelioma Registry contains, in addition to epidemiological measures of incidence, latency, mean age at diagnosis and survival, even data on exposure to asbestos for malignant mesothelioma cases reported by the networks of centers Regional Operations (...)

The European Environmental Agency reaffirms once again that air pollution remains the main environmental risk factor for health, reducing the length of people's lives and contributing to the spread of serious diseases such as heart disease, respiratory problems and cancer (...)