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NewsYear: 2016Activity: Oncological network

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The Oncology Network of Piemonteand Valle d'Aosta and CPO Piemonte launched in 2015 the first research project and intervention in Italy  of active surveillance at the population level through the study START. A public meeting to be held in Turin on February 2, intends to present the project and preliminary results (...)

Now in its sixth annual edition, the report published by the Italian Association of Medical Oncology and the Italian Cancer Registries provides epidemiological measures and clinical interpretations of interest both for operators and for users of Health (...)

Issued new regional regulations for the processing of sensitive data, a regulatory framework aimed at consolidating adequate guarantees to the citizens than the legitimate use of the most sensitive information in their lives, in the interest of the individual and the community (...)

The multicenter study "Active surveillance or radical treatment at diagnosis for prostate tumors at low risk (START)", sponsored by the Cancer Network of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta in collaboration with the CPO Piemonte, has started patient enrollment (...)

On February 4, we celebrate the World Cancer Day, an initiative promoted worldwide by the World Health Organization to raise awareness on issues related to the prevention prevention, primary and secondary education, and the fight against cancer, with particular emphasis on areas of life and work (...)