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NewsYear: 2016Activity: Primary prevention

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Now in its sixth annual edition, the report published by the Italian Association of Medical Oncology and the Italian Cancer Registries provides epidemiological measures and clinical interpretations of interest both for operators and for users of Health (...)

92% of the world population lives in areas where air quality levels exceed the threshold values established WHO. The new data are a further, detailed source of information on environmental pollution and the resultant danger to public health (...)

"Association or causation in miasmas and mixtures: Current reflections on Bradford Hill's 1965 contribution to Public Health" is the title of the workshop organized by the Royal Society of Medicine in London, on October 13 to 14, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Bradford Hill conference (...)

Issued new regional regulations for the processing of sensitive data, a regulatory framework aimed at consolidating adequate guarantees to the citizens than the legitimate use of the most sensitive information in their lives, in the interest of the individual and the community (...)

The free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States casts many shadows on topics relevant to public health. The journal Epidemiology & Prevention intervenes on the subject in order to raise public awareness as well as contributing to the debate within the scientific community (...)

The European Environmental Agency reaffirms once again that air pollution remains the main environmental risk factor for health, reducing the length of people's lives and contributing to the spread of serious diseases such as heart disease, respiratory problems and cancer (...)

On February 4, we celebrate the World Cancer Day, an initiative promoted worldwide by the World Health Organization to raise awareness on issues related to the prevention prevention, primary and secondary education, and the fight against cancer, with particular emphasis on areas of life and work (...)