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NewsYear: 2015Activity: Etiological epidemiology

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A meeting dedicated to the operators of the regional network of epidemiology designed to illustrate the progress made to date and define the lines of development for the near future with regard to the Regional Health Information System will be held in Turin, December 18 (...)

The V annual edition of the report "The numbers of cancer in Italy", published by the Italian Association of Medical Oncology and the Italian Association of Cancer Registries, provides epidemiological measures and clinical interpretations of interest both for operators and for users of the National Health System (…)

The XXXIX Congress of the Italian Association of Epidemiology is scheduled in Milan October 28 to 30. Main theme this year will be the combination of diet and health (...)

Half a century ago came the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the intergovernmental agency of the World Health Organization, which, among other tasks, establishes guidelines on the classification of the relative risk for cancers of chemical and physical agents.The book published to mark the 50th IARC anniversary is now available online (...)

A course dedicated to the assessment of the causal nature of reported associations between exposure to risk factors defined and the appearance of the disease, especially in the field of environmental health, to be held in Rome July 13 to 17. Registration is open until July 10 (...)

Between May and August the citizens of Piedmont are invited to participate in the public consultation on air quality launched by the Piedmont Region: the information collected will complement the "Regional Plan for Air Quality" currently being processed (...)

Updated data of the "Integrated Evaluation of the Impact on Environment Atmospheric Pollution and Health", a project funded by the Center for Disease Control of the Ministry of Health and coordinated by the Department of Epidemiology of the Health Region of Lazio, were presented in Rome (...)