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NewsYear: 2015Activity: Clinical epidemiology

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A meeting dedicated to the operators of the regional network of epidemiology designed to illustrate the progress made to date and define the lines of development for the near future with regard to the Regional Health Information System will be held in Turin, December 18 (...)

The Italian Cochrane Network and the Association Alessandro Liberati take a position on the debate raised by the bill on professional responsibility of health professionals, hoping for an adequate public investment on a program of independent guidelines and attended by medical personnel and the citizens (...)

The V annual edition of the report "The numbers of cancer in Italy", published by the Italian Association of Medical Oncology and the Italian Association of Cancer Registries, provides epidemiological measures and clinical interpretations of interest both for operators and for users of the National Health System (…)

The XXXIX Congress of the Italian Association of Epidemiology is scheduled in Milan October 28 to 30. Main theme this year will be the combination of diet and health (...)

Half a century ago came the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the intergovernmental agency of the World Health Organization, which, among other tasks, establishes guidelines on the classification of the relative risk for cancers of chemical and physical agents.The book published to mark the 50th IARC anniversary is now available online (...)

Advent of genomics, use of big data, privacy protection. This and much more will be debated in Turin, September 16 to 19, on the occasion of the eighth National Congress of the Italian Society of Medical Statistics and Clinical Epidemiology (...)

The evaluation of the policies of reorganization of regional health systems will be the central theme of the Spring Conference of the Italian Association of Epidemiology held in Florence on May 25 to 26 (...)

It should improve the transparency of clinical trials, whether studies of drugs, vaccines or medical devices. The call to the scientific community is the World Health Organization that in a recent press insists on the need to disseminate the results of research (...)

Annual meeting of the Alessandro Liberati Association - Italian Cochrane Network, held in Turin on 22 May, will be dedicated to the hot topics of the economic sustainability of the National Health Service and the need to find effective ways and virtuous containment of waste and inefficiency (...)