Piedmont Cancer Registry

The publication "The impact of tumors in Piedmont" (2019) illustrates the progress made by the Piedmont Cancer Registry in fifty years of activity, through data and results.

In this section the tumor impact measures (incidence, mortality, prevalence and survival) are available for all cancer sites and for all ages in Turin Metropolitan Area population.

The section consists of two parts (see below, In evidence):

  • the first one relative to the entire Metropolitan Area,
  • the second one dedicated to the City of Turin.

This is due to the fact that the Piedmont Cancer Registry from 1985 to 2007 has only covered the population of the City of Turin and since 2008 has expanded the scope of observation, the population of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Turin. The observation period is therefore different for the city and the rest of the territory and the city also allows the assessment of trends over time, and consequently for the City of Turin are also presented temporal trends in incidence, mortality and survival.

These data are collected in the form of cancer specific cards, where, on every page, you will find a summary of the main indicators and their trends in the observed period; a complement of information, and any further processing, the frequencies and the age-specific incidence and mortality rates are available.

More complex calculations are possible by accessing ITACAN and EUREG sites that allow comparisons between data CPO Piemonte and those of other cancer registries.

In the related content the estimates of incidence of the main cancers in the whole Piedmont Region are available together  with data on childhood cancers and cases of mesothelioma.

In evidence