The NINFEA project, one of the largest bith cohorts in Europe and the largest cohort in Italy, is growing: soon the first mothers enrolled will be invited to involve their children in the online compilation of the questionnaires.

In fact, starting from the thirteen years of the children, the follow-up through questionnaire provides for the administration of some questions directly to girls and boys.

NINFEAteen, the web area dedicated to younger compilers, was created to facilitate collaboration, presenting the project and explaining the importance of active participation within the cohort.

NINFEA is a scientific project, promoted and coordinated by the Epidemiology Unit of the University of Turin and the AOU City of Health and Science of Turin, whose aim is to improve the knowledge of the factors that during the pregnancy, and following birth and during childhood affect the health of children and adolescents.

Visit the NINFEA website to learn more about the project.