Evaluate the comparative efficacy, safety and quality of life between the different treatment strategies for prostate cancer at low risk according to treatment options for patients.

This is the objective of the multicenter epidemiological study, sponsored by the Cancer Network of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta in collaboration with the CPO Piemonte, "Active surveillance or radical treatment at diagnosis for prostate cancer at low risk (START)".

The main objective of the study is to perform START, at the population level of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta, a thorough assessment of the efficacy and safety of care and on the quality of life in different groups of patients who choose the different treatment modalities currently available for localized prostate cancer at low risk of progression.

For this type of tumor to be proposed today are, in fact, different therapeutic options: in addition to conventional surgery and radiotherapy, they also include the so-called active surveillance, which offers the possibility to avoid or delay, even of many years, more invasive treatments.

To date, it is still possible to identify with certainty the best treatment of all: each has advantages and disadvantages, requiring further study to be better understood.

The START study will have a great value for the community and for all patients with localized prostate cancer at low risk of progression because it will provide useful information to improve the quality of treatment and care in the future and allow more informed choices by the sick person, between the different treatment modalities.

Patient recruitment is in progress in many centers of Oncology Network: those who are interested, and would meet the eligibility criteria, can apply to many of the centers participating in the initiative.

Read more online in the study site at the following address: www.start.epiclin.it