The National Screening Observatory (ONS) Report 2016 is available online in a fully refurbished format to speed up and facilitate future updates as well as improve its consultation.

In the spirit of the Open Data Act, which aims at facilitating access to data produced by public administrations, the ONS has therefore decided to present the results of the screening activity in a dynamic version.

The structure remains the classic short report with the identification of key performance indicators and short comments highlighting the most significant trends of the year under review. Part of the data remains static, however, wherever possible, the charts are dynamic, allowing easier comparison between the years, the results, and the different geographic areas.

Especially the ONS is committed to bringing the three programs' databases into one database, which will enable them to update their results year-by-year more quickly, in a kind of live report directly accessible on the ONS site.

To refer to the 2016 Report, refer to the dedicated page on ONS .