More than ten years after its launch, the NINFEA project enters into an innovative step that will enable the participants and interested citizens to freely consult part of the data collected over time by filling in the questionnaires.

Since 2005, NINFEA has created a cohort of 7500 mothers and children, following the participants since the gestational period.

Participation in the project of such a large number of mothers and children is an extraordinary result: today NINFEA is one of the largest cohorts in Europe and the first and largest cohort recruited and followed via the web.

Aimed at enhancing and sharing of data, meaning wealth of knowledge, it was created an area accessible by anyone on the project web site: in the new section of NINFEA Data you can refer to a part of the data acquired in the course of the decade through the completion of questionnaires by mothers.

At the moment the NINFEA Data are divided into two thematic areas: mothers and children; however, it is expected, even with the possible active contribution by the participating mothers, to implement over time section, gradually enriching the content.

NINFEA Data relate solely to mothers and children participating in NINFEA project and can not be considered representative of the general population.

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