The permanent Conference of state, regions and autonomous provinces approved the 2014-2018 National Plan for Prevention (NPP) on November 13.

For the first time government and regions define common objectives and indicators for prevention, as well as a shared vision and strategy.

Regions will be bound to follow priorities and deadlines: Council decisions will have to be approved by December 31 to acknowledge the NPP and plan how to implement its principles and framework through Regional Plans for Prevention (RPP). The RPPs will have to be approved by May 31, 2015.

The main-level objectives of the NPP are ten:

  1. to reduce the burden of the non-communicable diseases;
  2. to prevent the consequences of neurosensory disorders;
  3. to promote the mental well-being of children and young people;
  4. to prevent addictions;
  5. to prevent road accidents;
  6. to prevent home accidents;
  7. to prevent occupational accidents and diseases;
  8. to reduce harmful environment exposures; 
  9. to reduce the frequency of prioritized infectious diseases;
  10. to implement the National integrated plan of food safety inspections and veterinary public health.

The NPP is coordinated by the Ministry of Health.

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