The workshop dedicated to the relationship between exposure to pollutants in environmental matrices and the health status of populations will take place in Genoa from 13 to 15 January.

The course "Introduction to Environmental Epidemiology" is part of the CCM2018 program of the Ministry of Health RIAS (Italian Environment and Health Network) with the aim of satisfying the knowledge needs of operators of the National Health System (SSN) and of the network National System for environmental protection (SNPA) on the issues of the relationship between environmental exposures and health. 

The workshop will include lectures and group activities. It will be articulated on three days, during which general notions of environmental epidemiology will be presented and applied, with particular reference to:

  • measures of occurrence, association and impact;
  • study design;
  • assessment of the exhibition;
  • assessment of causal effects and distortion;
  • evaluation of time trends and time-series and case-crossover studies.

The teachers of the workshop are technicians of the National Health Service and of the National System for the protection of the environment and epidemiologists of the Italian Association of Epidemiology with expertise in the institutional field of Environmental Epidemiology. The workshop is free and for each edition there will be a maximum of 50 subscribers. Registrations will be accepted in order of arrival until the available places are reached. A waiting list will be established to be used in case of renouncement of the registered members. ECM accreditation is awaiting confirmation.

Poster of the workshop