On December 18, 2019 in Turin the final conference of the SMART project "Innovative strategies to improve lifestyles and reduce the incidence of tumors and other chronic non-communicable diseases” will be held.

The SMART project was implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Health, within the 2016 CCM Call.

It aims to encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyles through the development of innovative, personalized and interactive tools promoted within screening programs for female tumors. It is aimed at women between the ages of 25 and 75 (target age for cervical and breast cancer screening) and involves the provinces of Turin, Florence and Palermo.

It was conducted by the CPO in collaboration with the Institute for the Study, Prevention and Oncological Network (ISPRO) of Florence, with the Provincial Health Agency of Palermo and the Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences of the University of Turin. SMART has carried out the creation of an App to support the adoption of healthy lifestyles regarding nutrition, physical activity and smoking cessation.

In addition, outfittings were set up for the screening reception rooms to attract users' attention and encourage them to join the project, and a parallel off-line path was offered for non-users of devices such as tablets and smartphones. The assessment concerned both behavior change and the equity audit.

The conference will be the occasion to discuss the results obtained and the open problems.

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