The Italian epidemiology in recent years has made a major contribution to the improvement of knowledge on the link between environment and health.

The CCM project "Environment and Health in the PNP 2014-2018: national environmental epidemiology network, integrated environmental impact assessment and health, training and communication (EpiAmbNet)", during the 2016-2018 activity period, was divided into numerous initiatives, collecting them in a web network :

  • has created a rich training program through courses in many regions,
  • has proposed a path of study aimed at defining methodological criteria and applications in case studies for the quantitative assessment of health impact (methods of risk assessment and health impact assessment),
  • has provided specific indications for the communication of risk with the involvement of various stakeholders.

The EpiAmbNet final workshop, scheduled for 7 December in Rome, will provide an opportunity to present the various stages of the project, a mapping of local and national initiatives as well as future prospects.

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