Epidemiology & Prevention launches a new call for papers, inviting researchers working on COVID-19 to submit scientific articles to contribute to the knowledge and control of the disease.

In the previous monograph dedicated to the new Coronavirus, over 50 original contributions have appeared produced in the first half of the pandemic, but some themes are still seeking answers and others have emerged from the second half of 2020.

To cope with the permanent need for debate and knowledge production, E&P again calls Italian epidemiologists together, inviting them to submit original contributions.

In light of the emergency nature of the debate and the speed of change of the phenomenon under study, E&P will not wait for the acceptance of all contributions to start the publication of the monograph, but will offer the continuous publication of the articles that will pass the peer-review; the contributions will be published as they are accepted, and only at the end of the call will they also be collected in a digital volume.

Some themes:

  • surveillance and control
  • reflections on vaccines
  • descriptive epidemiology
  • inequalities and immigration
  • the epidemic in different areas of the world
  • environment
  • occupation
  • clinical epidemiology
  • methods
  • the voice of patients and the population.

Publications can be submitted from March 15th to August 31st 2021.