On 25 March the Umberto Veronesi Foundation awarded 133 excellent researchers from Italian universities and research centers in live streaming, winners for the 2021 "Post-doctoral fellowship" call. For the University of Turin the following were awarded: Lidia Avalle, Chiara Celestina Grasso, Marilena Marraudino, Sergio Occhipinti and Federica Riccardo, who will develop their projects in the laboratories of the Turin University.

Supporting research and promoting scientific dissemination, financing the projects of Italian researchers, are among the objectives of the Umberto Veronesi Foundation, founded in 2003 with the fundamental purpose of protecting the exercise of a fundamental human right, the freedom to pursue knowledge and progress, but also to foster the development of better living conditions for all.

The study "Postnatal exposures and male health" (EPSAM) in which Chiara Celestina Grasso, PhD in Biomedical Sciences and Human Oncology at the Department of Medical Sciences, is involved, aims to identify and study the genetic variants responsible for the genetic predisposition to cell cancer germline of the testis.

EPSAM, in particular, intends to investigate:

  • the postnatal risk factors that act during puberty / adolescence (13-19 years);
  • genetic risk factors, studying candidate genes and participating in the Testicular Cancer Consortium (TECAC).

In the context of EPSAM, the reactivation of the recruitment of cases with testicular cancer will start shortly, thanks to the precious collaboration of urologists and oncologists of the AOU Città della Salute e della Scienza di Torino.