Launched earlier this year in Barcelona, ​​ATHLETE ( Advanced Tools for Research and Translation of the Human Exposure in the First Course of Life ) is the new consortium in which 22 partners from 11 European countries and the United States participate.

The initiative, coordinated by the Instituto de Salud Global of Barcelona (ISGlobal) and in which the NINFEA project takes part, has the goal of developing tools to assess the effects of a large group of environmental exposures on individuals and communities and to design policies and interventions for the prevention and reduction of health impacts, representing a new research initiative in the field of exposure.

The European Union, through its Horizon 2020 research and innovation framework program, finances nine important collaborative research projects whose main theme is: the exposome, a relatively young research field.

The concept of exposome revolutionizes the way to measure environmental exposures and relate them to health outcomes, considering the entire course of existence, the first phases of which, when people are more than 249; vulnerable to external exposure, they play a particularly important role.

Find out more on ATHLETE you can consult the new project website: