While the World Health Organization updates the Global Air Quality Guidelines (AGQ 2021), one hundred companies scientific studies, including AIE and RIAS, are calling on governments to implement drastic policies to reduce air pollution.

Fifteen years after the previous edition, the quality and the quantity of studies documenting the negative influence of air pollution on health have greatly increased.

Therefore, after a systematic review of the accumulated tests, the updated AQG values ​​are lower than those previously recommended: the average annual concentrations of PM2.5 go from 10 to 5μg/m3 , those of NO2 from 40 to 10 μg/m3, and the average concentration of ozone in the 8 hours in high season must not exceed 60μg/m3 (while before, for this pollutant, there were no recommended limit values) .

To find out more, refer to the dedicated page on the WHO website and the RIAS website