Registration is now open for the 33rd Summer School of the European Educational Program in Epidemiology, which is used as usual in the two-week residential formula and the specialized courses.

The dates:

  • Residential 3-week Summer Course in Epidemiology 15 June - 3 July 2020;
  • Specialized courses week 6 - 10 July 2020.

The offer of specialized courses is structured as follows:

  • GIS (Geographical Information Systems) in Epidemiology (4 days course);
  • Geo-spatial methods for global health applications with focus on disease clustering (4 days course);
  • Modern mediation analysis (4 days course);
  • Modern time series methods for public health and epidemiology (4 days course);
  • Genetic and Epigenetic epidemiology (5 days course).

Specialized courses can be attended independently from the 3-week residential course.

To learn more and sign up you can go to the EEPE web site.